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Genres: World, Music, Jazz, Vocal, Worldbeat, Rock
Released: Jan 01, 1994
℗ 1994 Luka Bop/Warner Bros.

1. Furahi
2. Sabsylma (What is your name?)
3. Mais Qu'est-ce? (But what shall we?)
4. India
5. De La Vie Á La Mort (From Life To Death)
6. Citoyen 120 (Citizen 120)
7. Loclat Africa
8. Mr. Brown
9. Awakening in Australia (Réveil En Australie)
10. Fi Dunia
11. Mamadit
12. For No One
13. The Mamas Of The Mamas (Les Mamas des Mamas)
14. Adiosio Omonie
15. Hmm Ta Ta

Customer reviews:

People are idiots 
by DeZyne One
Most indiviuals (like the ones previously commenting) will not understand this kind of music..People who appreciate these Vocals as an art form, and who really appreciate all types of world music would definitely like this... as for your comment - why even waste your time, if you have no interest in ZAP MAMA at all!..Idiot!

Incredible vocals 
by WarrenG
The end. If you like world and/or vocal music fusion, you will love Zap Mama.

Zap Mama lives! 
by Muthoni
This album just does it for me! Trust me, you will love it if you purchase!