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Genres: World, Music, Vocal
Released: 1997 & 2003
℗ 1997 Virgin Belgium, 2003 Luaka Bop

Customer reviews

Incredible Unique Different and Wonderful
by LaFemme
Wow... Incredibly innovative and wonderful. I discovered this album when I was driving 3.5 hours from JFK to Albany, NY. It was a traumatic experience, moving from the West Coast to the East Coast. The other passengers in the car, my friends, were from highly diverse cultural backgrounds. As we hit the highway, this entire album was playing on the radio - from song 1 to the end. After the first song, we were all hooked. Wow! Myself, I closed my eyes, put the seat back, put my feet up on the dashboard and found myself transported to modern and traditional Africa! Later, we went on a safari mission to find the CD (this was before iTunes). A year later, we eventually found it in The Village, NY. Overall - this album has received incredible reviews and I also give it 5 Stars!

And again...
by Le Nenuphar
Sometimes as I explore Itunes I see bad ratings for albums that fail to convey the idea that the person was really and truly listening to the music and it just comes off as some Itunes 'hate review' if you will. But this album is Zap Mama's attempt to explore and synergize African-American Blues with African Sound and inflections. It's lovely! My advice? Really try to be open-minded and if something doesn't suit you, learn to prefer one thing over another without hatin' on music that you have barely explored.

by 53 y/omusic lover
Over time this has become one of my favorite albums. And that for a 53 year old guy who does like his world music, but mostly blues and rock. Extremely innovative and a lot of fun to listen to.