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Zap Mama returns to a cappella !

25 years a cappella celebration dance a cappella EP Gold USB key zap mama

Zap Mama returns to a cappella !

We celebrate 25 years of traveling the world, of being inspired by the worldwide oral tradition and making music to reach humanity as a collective.In these 25 years, humanity has been connected more than ever.Musical traditions being discovered, shared, mingled the old being cherished while the novel is always chased. This resulted in Zap Mama’s return to a cappella, but amazingly enhanced with creative elements of today’s music.It is called “DANCE ACAPELLA”, a UNIQUE vocal technique based on nothing but natural vibrations and sounds. The purchase you will receive, will include: * LYRICS * NEW ZAP MAMA TRACKS Eclectic Breath Introlude Getaway Kaleidoscope Baby...

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